New Patients FAQ

1. I want to come to your dental clinic as a new patient for dental treatment, what information should I bring with me?

Our Burlington dentist will require some information before you can be seen by a dentist for your first appointment. Along with your usual basic information like your name, address, date of birth, phone number we will also require a piece of Identification such as Driver's licence or your health card.

When you first arrive in our office, you will need to fill out our registration form. Included in these forms are questions regarding your previous dental treatments (when was it done) as well as your current dental status (any concerns or discomfort). A review of your past and current medical history is also essential to know for our dentist. We also need to see if you are taking any medications, names and the dosages.
If you have any dental insurance, you will require to provide the specifics such as policy number, group number and the name of your employer. If you were given an insurance booklet that describes your coverage or if you have online access to it - please bring that along with you so we can assist you in understanding your dental coverage.
Although it is your responsibility to know your dental insurance coverage, we make every effort to assist you in understanding your dental coverage.

2. I have not seen a dentist for several years - what can I expect during my first appointment?

Your first appointment is essential for information-gathering for our Burlington dentist. This appointment and information gathered during your first visit will allow our dentist to generate a customized treatment plan for your dental needs. Dr. Alexandra needs to complete a comprehensive dental examination. You can expect to be in our dental office for one to one and a half hours. Your customized treatment plan will depend on your unique dental needs. We will discuss it with you on your first appointment, or we will schedule a separate meeting to go over your treatment, depending on the complexity.

3. Why are my health problems a concern for your Burlington dentist? Why do I need to tell you what medications I am taking?

Many medical conditions require special consideration during dental treatments. Due to the potential for adverse drug interactions, such as allergies we need to know the medications all patients are taking, prescriptions or otherwise. We need to be sure that any drugs or treatment that we administer will not interact adversely with your medicines and cause you undue harm.

4. I am pregnant. What dental services available for me?

In general, routine dental care is safe for pregnant patients. However, due to the need to maintain the safety of the fetus, all proposed treatment to the mother must be carefully planned. We take precautions such as avoiding taking x-rays and avoid some dental procedures. Our Burlington dentist will advise you as it relates to what stage you are in your pregnancy.